Welcome to my Spirit Journal♀

Welcome to my Spirit Journal♀


As the very first words of this written journey, I welcome you to TAURIAN SPIRITS. Discover as I share travels in nature, home magick, holistic recipes, and creative blossoms of my Earthly Creations studio. ❧

I will be actively journalling all sorts of wonder on this blog starting today forward. I hope to witness it grow into something much more one day, so welcome fellow spirits ॐ


It is a pleasure to document one of a kind experiences to share the idea to exist as a wave in a waking world. I thank you for taking interest and invite you to sign up for email updates so you won’t miss out. ❧


I will also be working with my significant other & fellow artist, Eric Tecce, over at WakingHome.com. We will be cross posting the best articles & producing an episodic web series together. We are both very excited to reveal details as petals bloom through the seasonal dance. ॐ

An important message that you will find present through my words, spirits & art is the honoring of Mother Nature herself. This divine spirit holds deep wisdom and vitality that truly nurtures potential to BE. This sacred balance is an endless resource for personal growth within & without. I hope the light gifted into the world provides inspiration & connects you back to the natural world that resonates so true to the heart of Taurian Spirits.


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