Butterfly Soul

I have always been fond of collecting found wild life; be it from insect. plant, or fungi they have always found a way to speak true to the soul. To share beauty into the world is a passion I practice through my creative process. It is a true honor to create healing and experience the beauty of natures spirit.

These beautiful, one of a kind works of art, is inspired by the elegance and beauty the natural world holds. In order to capture these moments, I allow natures offerings to guide me to arrange an intuitive composition that I place inside a framed box to preserve and honor the earths spirit for years to come.

Butterflies are precious insects and all of mine have been ethically sourced or have passed through a natural death, as I collected it to birth new life into the world. All the natural elements were treasures, I found along my forest adventures in which I had to preserve to display the wonders of mother earth herself.

Each butterfly scene, evokes a sense of emotion and I wanted to pair every piece with a short Haiku poem I wrote in honor of the mood and resonance I felt while creating.

Butterflies are miracles of transformation and resurrection. Their presence is ever so magickal, increasingly captivating with every fine detail of its beautifully fractal wings. They act as my spiritual guidance and will always continue to bring my heart peace and joy. It is always a true blessings to have the opportunity to work with butterflies within my art to honor their beauty long there after its fluttering days.

~H A I K U

‘Fern Fronds Fly’

A butterflies dance

Sparkles out among the ferns

Fluttering with grace

~H A I K U

‘Violet Eyes’

Spectrum beyond sight

Like unseen ultraviolet

Flying free with light

~H A I K U

‘Angel Crossing’

Butterfly spirits

Flower petals in the wind

The heart is a seed

~ H A I K U

‘Sunshine Love’

Light loving glimmers

In the setting summer sun

Gracefully falling

~H A I K U

‘Third Eye Flutterby’

Radiance of hope

Let the roses be your guide

Free as the wind blows

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