Fern Flutters ⸙

These enchanting ~Fern Flutters~ showcase butterfly wing specimens along with preserved pressed Ferns and tiny Faerie Flowers. Natural hues of a variety of healing crystals along with semi precious stones adorn these creations bringing passion and creative life to your sacred spaces. I wrote a Haiku Poem for each ~Fern Flutter Creation~ to hold the mood and divine essence, honoring their beauty and healing medicine. 
"Venus Fae"
Flying Swallowtail
Pretending I'm a flower
Waving kindly by
"Garden Charmer"
Seasons transforming
Wild flowers flying above
A gardens delight
"Celestial Faerie"
Never ending light
As we dance within cycles
Seeded from the stars
"Forrest Nymph"
Flower shadows dance
As butterflies flutter by
Forrest reflections
"Earth Sage"
A journey set fourth
Basking in the summer sun
Like a bloomed petal
"Morpho Spirit"
Wings so majestic
Reflections of suns light
Blue like the ocean
"Sky Angel"
Spirit in the Sky
My soul on the horizon
Golden like the sun
"Meadow Pixie"
Wings of victory
Morning hues in the meadow
Kisses each flower
Butterflies have touched my life in profound ways throughout the years. They always find a way to speak true to my soul. And now they have given me a whole new avenue to explore within my art journey which feels very aligned in my life at the moment. For years, I have been collecting and saving butterflies in hopes to one day build upon a collection to honor them through my healing art. Now I feel that I am finally able to truly nurture and embrace working with them in such a way that preserves and gives tribute to their precious delicate lives. I truly am grateful for these nature guides as they have provided much beauty, spiritual symbolism, and great teachings allowing me to find solace within nature. Thank you for your curiosity in my handmade earthly creations. 

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