Moss Fae ♀

~Sacred worlds are revealed to those who approach with an open and patient mind.ॐ

The enchanting elegance of moss is one of my favorite microcosms within the forest. It happens to be one of the plant spirit totems that has spoken to me unlike any other. This tiny organism has encouraged and taught me many lessons from the value of quiet communication, to looking outside ordinary perceptions. The mesmerizing textures of all the earthly shades and heart chakra energy that surrounds moss enriches my spirit. When I first realized this plant was speaking to me, it opened up my eyes to all of the less obvious parts of the ecosystem. It seemed to transport me, like a portal to the faerie realms where magick happens within a focused attentiveness.
These worlds hidden in plane sight are the carpets of the forest floor and a gift from mother nature. This magickal plant has been around for millions of years and is one of the oldest plants on earth! For this awe inspiring plant to grow in such diverse places in the world and for it to nearly inhabit every ecosystem on our earth makes it even more of a marvel. The pure inspiration that nature beholds is truly endless and I feel so blessed to live on this work of e A R T h.
The photo above, is an Earth Altar I created and set up for displaying my earthcrafts within. It consists of several species of mosses. Sheet moss being my favorite, due to its branching pattern that somewhat resembles miniature fern fronds. I have ethically foraged some from our surrounding mountain on our property, to preserve and keep for long term uses. This Moss is actually a few years old now! As I have been collecting, for a only a handful of years now I'll share some pro tips I picked up for when gathering moss correctly. ~Harvest in patches making sure to leave one-third to one-half of the moss behind to regrow. It can take up to 10 to 20 years for regrowth to occur. So avoid collecting moss from sensitive areas, like highly decayed logs or exceptionally old trees with decayed bases which could potentially damage fragile ecosystems. Be mindful and conscious when gathering and only forage for what you need. Care should always be taken to preserve the ecological fabric of our beautiful forests. ♀

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