Miniature Hobbit Homes

Discover the world of Earth Crafts & welcome to our Miniature Shire.
These Sculptures are a passion project by Artisans Tory Lee (Lead Craftor at Taurian Spirits) & Eric Tecce (Polymathic ArtistWe create Art from Nature & specialize in a variety of Earthly Creations. Explore these Wonders as one would in The Deep Forest.
Welcome to MUSHROOM & MOSS HOBBIT HOME EARTHCRAFTS – A World of Imagination and Wonder

As an earthcrafter, it's my pleasure to introduce you to my exclusive line of unique and enchanting creations inspired by the mystical world of J.R.R. Tolkien. These Mushroom & Moss Hobbit Homes transcend ordinary garden decor and transport you to Middle-earth with every glance.

Each Earthcraft masterpiece features a striking blend of natural elements such as preserved mushrooms, moss, and bark carefully arranged to recreate the whimsical hobbit architecture of the Shire. Our meticulously crafted homes are then illuminated from within, casting a warm glow at night and beckoning visitors to take a closer peek.

Our signature touch is the inclusion of painted resin doors modeled from original sculpts, ensuring every home has its own distinct character. Your friends will marvel at the lifelike qualities of these moss-clad abodes, giving them an impression that a hobbit might step out any moment!
I hope you enjoy these one of a kind Hobbit Homes and walk away with a little more curiosity. 
~Tory Lee