I am Earthcraft Artist, Tory Lee of Taurian Spirits



When I reflect about Art, I am reminded how much it inherently expresses one’s inner being. This same thought wave speaks the language that roots us to the nature of who & what we are. When we manifest our heart’s desires, we honor our inner truth & fuel a creative expression we each are magnetized towards.

Experiencing Divine beauty and the Elemental Spirit of our Earthly home helps align us with Nature’s magick. The very nature of my heART work pays tribute to this natural beauty that is ever present in the world around us. The patterns and wisdom found within nature truly inspire me to honor the sacredness of our earth. Bringing the awareness of the viewer to connect with the various textual forms expressed within my Earth Crafts. As a vessel of creation, it is a blessing from the soul to birth these Earthcrafts into reality. 

As the environments we are connected to influence our everyday lives and shape our growth, it is important to honor such sacred space. If we extend our sacred space within ourselves to our homes, nurturing & welcoming beauty heals our minds and souls. Handmade works of art hold an energetic power, an imprint from the artist that carries beyond and utilize this principle as an artist by bringing comfort and feelings of love to where one feels at home

Being fortunate enough to live in a tiny house on property surrounded by nature has brought forth a great deal of inspiration, growth and inner transformations along my artist journey. Experiencing the Appalachian Mountains of Eastern Pennsylvania has also helped strengthen my bond with Nature, and in so, myself. The forest and mountains are never too far & I spend most of my time outside as it revitalizes my soul ever so gently. With such beauty at your front door, how can a nature lover resist?

As I adventure to many natural areas around, I can’t help but collect elements of nature that speak to me. I synchronistically forage for pieces of old remnants that can breathe new life in my unique craft, always honoring mother nature gifts with respect. The connection I feel to the natural earth, not only grounds me but sparks inspiration for new works..

My passions hope to bring the natural world into my home and yours with one of a kind handmade creations. Each a culmination of love and Earth, every adornment is an Earthly Creation expressed from the heart.

My calling in this life is to connect deeply to that of which is sacred and share the beauty in as many creative ways as I can. Staying in my truth has led me to realize the artist I am today. Creating gives me that sense of fulfillment that keeps me in a state of mindfulness. It teaches me patience and allows me to express my inner self outward bringing light from within. Allow freedom to be your guide and truth be your purpose.